I got in contact with Close Capture Graphics in the Summer of 2013.

I was focused on the development of my plan in starting my own business as a stylist and personal shopper at that time. In the conversions that we had, David from Close Capture Graphics told me that he was a professional web designer and specialized in helping, consulting and advising start-ups and individuals with a new business idea.

It didn’t take that long for me to be convinced that he was going to be the one building and designing my website and logo. I was offered the space to be closely involved throughout the whole creative process, which made everything go smooth and easy within a short period of time.

I felt like I had to step on David’s brakes once in a while just because he was so over enthusiastic in getting everything done and in a perfect way. I must say that effect had a great positive impact on me, and it drove me to realize my new business right away and successfully.

I truly couldn’t wish for a better web designer other than Close Capture Graphics. Close Capture Graphics offers a total package. Even when it comes to Social Media, Close Capture Graphics knows exactly how to get the fullest out of it and the whole marketing aspect behind it — CCG just tops it all.

David works accurate and fast, he’s truly a perfectionist and he always keeps his word and promises! All these important aspects create a good vibe. You’ll be able to fully trust him and his work and expect a stunning website/design.

I can proudly and honestly say that I was flabbergasted by the results of an amazing website and logo. All the responses that I’ve received were all positive, thanks to Close Capture Graphics !

Therefore I highly recommend Close Capture Graphics to everyone in need of a professional website, logo design or any of their other services.

CK Fashion Stylist

Claudia, Fashion Stylist

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